Black Says ‘Predator’ Flick Not a Reboot, a Sequel


It appears that fate has heard you, Bastards. When our own Mark Poynter posted last night that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and his Monster Squad writing partner Fred Dekker were working on a reboot of Predator, some of you questioned the logic of rebooting a perfectly viable franchise that’s already laid a tremendous amount of ground work. Black, as it turns out, agrees. One website reached out to Black who refined yesterday’s announcement to declare that his Predator film will be an “inventive sequel” rather than a pointless reboot.

In conversation with Collider, Black affirmed that his Predator is definitely not a reboot, “As far as Fred and I are concerned anyway,” he said. “Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?”

Depending on your feelings, there may be only one Predator movie that was ever any good, the original. There have been, of course, a total of five Predator and Predator-related movies including Alien Vs Predator, Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem and Predators, and although not much of those three films were well-liked by fans, Black is banking on the idea that there’s gold in keeping the story going rather than tearing the whole thing down and starting again from scratch.

Black added that he’s not a big fan of reboots in general, however he can “really get behind inventive sequels” by exploring “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.” Really, the Predator movies have only explored two key environments: Earth and whatever planet Predators takes place on. (You may also note that we got a brief glimpse of the Predator homeworld in Requiem but you can dismiss that if you like.) Also worth noting is that the Predators, the galaxy’s big bad hunters, have only been seen (on film anyway) hunting two species: humans and xenomorphs. Put in those terms, there’s a lot of opportunity out there for a creative screenwriting duo willing to take risks with an established brand.

Black added that his once and future collaborator Dekker is “perfect” for the project and the two of them had a good experience working together on Monster Squad. Fans of the 80s cult-classic are surely eager to see the two of them collaborate on any project again, but the prospect of it being a Predator film surely sweetens the deal.

After the box office returns of Iron Man 3 hopefully Black will be given the creative license to make the Predator film he wants to make. Perhaps even, a musical….?

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