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If you’re looking for a hero that rivals even Superman in his ability to take on all challenges, look no further than Doc Savage. This pulp hero of the early 20th century is looking to make a comeback via comic book movie writer Shane Black. While no release date has been set as of yet, it is known that Black shall both write and direct Doc Savage and that it’s high on his priority list. And furthermore, he may be looking toward Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, to play the title role.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character of Doc Savage, he’s basically an all-around bad-ass that can do pretty much anything. He’s a true American hero that popped up in the 1930s courtesy of pulp magazines. As time moved forward, Doc Savage entered into the realms of radio, film, comic books and novels. His “super powers” come not from traditional sources, but simply from being the best a man can be. He’s strong and smart, he can fight, he’s a doctor, a scientist, an inventor, a master of martial arts and more. And, naturally, he fights against the bad guys.

Hemsworth has not been officially signed to the movie, but Black has been talking to the actor. Unfortunately, Black has plenty on his plate right now, including the recently announced Predator reboot. So it may be a while until Doc Savage gets into production. Still, Hemsworth looks like he can portray the role of someone who is supposed to be the perfect physical specimen. As for whether he can play a brilliant scientist or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Any Doc Savage fans out there among the Nerd Readers? Do you think Hemsworth would make a good casting choice? Or do you have someone else you’d rather see?


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