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Despite a string of lukewarm reviews, the 2010 reboot of The Karate Kid generated enough interest (and enough ca$h – more than $350 million) to warrant a second go. Thus, The Karate Kid 2 was added to the list of movies that Sony will be putting out in the near future. Still, it’s been a while since the reboot – three years in fact – so one has to wonder what the hold-up is. Now, there’s even more hold-up as The Karate Kid 2 loses its director and adds two new writers. Read on to see who’s going to be working on it now.

At first, Breck Eisner was supposed to be sitting in the director’s chair. You may recognize the name from such movies as Sahara, The Crazies and… er… okay, so maybe that’s about it. Still, he was the guy they chose. Unfortunately, when a movie takes this long to get started, there’s the potential for schedule conflicts. Such is the case with Eisner.

As far as the script goes, Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer will be taking a crack at it. There’s already a script in place, but they’ll be stepping up to make some changes. Neither of them has worked on anything this big before, so there’s no telling what they’ll end up putting together.

This is the second time a writer change has happened, the first writer being Zak Penn – the man behind the story ideas for such films as Last Action Hero, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Avengers – and the first rewrite coming from Cyrus Voris (Sleeper Cell, Eleventh Hour) and Ethan Reiff (his co-writer on said projects). Naturally, so many rewrites doesn’t really signal an overabundance of faith from the powers-that-be and bodes poorly for the movie as a whole.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the questionably talented Jaden Smith will be coming back to reprise his role. Jackie Chan is also expected to return, so I guess that’s a plus. So prepare yourselves for yet another Karate Kid movie… eventually. Me, I’ll be skipping this one.


Source: Deadline

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