Much of the Internet exploded with joy when they heard that fan favorite Nathan Fillion was going to be doing a little cameo in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Since the announcement, people have been trying to guess at what kind of role he’ll be taking on. At first people thought he was going to be Nova, a hero rumored to be making a brief cameo during the post-credits scene of Guardians. Another rumor even claimed that they knew the absolute truth, that Fillion was going to be voicing Cosmo, an intelligent Earth dog turned space traveler. But now Fillion is saying that we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.

According to Fillion’s twitter account:

With so much inaccurate “news” about my involvement in GOTG, I’m actually losing faith in the internet. I’m not Cosmo.

So there you have it folks. Nathan Fillion is not (assuming he’s telling the whole truth here) Cosmo the psychic space doggie. So who is he playing then?

If you look at what Fillion had to say during St. Louis Comic Con, many folks won’t know which character he played even after they’ve seen the movie. So we can assume he’s going to be sitting beneath a few tons of make-up and/or FX during his cameo. Which means we can probably write him off as being the next big Marvel star. The actor is, after all, quite busy with other work and while we’d all love to see him become a regular in the Marvel Universe, that turn of events may have to wait.

What say the Nerd Readers? Is there a hero/villain that you think Fillion would be perfect for? Are you disappointed that he won’t be voicing a dog in GotG?


Source: Nathan Fillion’s Twitter

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