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While none of the original Star Trek cast are strangers to the bizarre sort of fame that comes with their fandom, there is one man that has risen above the rest to become an iconic and outspoken hero for many humans. I am speaking, of course, of George Takei. Love him or hate him (is that even possible?), the man-who-was-Sulu has a buttload (as in millions) of followers on every social network he frequents. And those fans will be pleased to know that there’s a documentary coming out that’s all about George Takei. Entitled To Be Takei, the upcoming movie has just released its first trailer, which you should scroll down and watch right this second.

He’s lived a rich and interesting life, from childhood moments spent in an internment camp during World War II to a lucky break on Star Trek that would immortalize him forever to his current activism within the LGBT community. There’s plenty of Takei to fill up several movies, so To Be Takei should be an informative and exciting look into the actor’s life and mind. And, naturally, it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback from those that have had the chance to see it already.

Definitely a must-see for any-and-all Star Trek fans as well as anyone that appreciates a powerful and intelligent celebrity personality. Check out the movie when it hits the big screen (yup, it’s going to be in theaters) on August 22nd of this year.


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