Perhaps rekindled by the good box office fortunes of Disney’s other revisionist fairy tale Maleficent, studio executives seem to be once again hot for a sequel to their 2007 hit Enchanted. Disney’s never met an idea that they couldn’t franchise, and it does seem odd that almost sever years later we have to receive an Enchanted 2. The adventure of princess-out-of-water Giselle (Amy Adams), who is lured away from her storybook homeland and exiled to the utterly un-magical world of modern Manhattan, practically demands a follow-up. Perhaps all they lacked was a decent script. Well then, problem solved, because Disney just hired a new pair of script doctors to bring this sequel to life. Maybe.

Deadline says that Enchanted 2 is back on track with the hiring of new screenwriters, J. David Stem and David N. Weiss. Stem and Weiss are accomplished writers who, to their credit, co-wrote the two Rugrats movies, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and Shrek 2. Sadly, they’ve also written both Smurfs movies, Clockstoppers and Daddy Day Camp. In other words, they’re hit and miss, but at least they have lots of experience writing to kids and families. Sometimes intelligently.

To the best of our knowledge, Anne Fletcher is still signed on to direct. She’s made rom-com clap-trap like 27 Dresses and The Proposal, but she’s also made the first Step Up movie, which I did enjoy (mock me if you want), and the Seth Rogen comedy The Guilt Trip, which I did not see.

No word on what direction a sequel to Enchanted might take, but my guess would be a reverse take on the original where Patrick Dempsey‘s very New York lawyer Robert ends up in the (Animated!) fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia and having to deal with that madness up close and personal. Then again, maybe  more fairy tale madness will be unleashed onto the real world, although that path’s been fairly well tread on Once Upon a Time, which is also produced by Disney and shown on a Disney network. There are a lot of interesting possibilities, and Adams is insanely talented and well-suited for the part given what we saw in part one, so more Giselle suits me.

Anyway, enough about my thoughts! What do you Bastards think? Enchanted by the idea of more Enchanted? Sound off below.

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