Jonathan Lemkin, former pen to such modern day hits as Hill Street Blues and Beverly Hills 90210, has been hired to write an “All Roadblock, All The Time” draft of G.I. Joe 3: The Half The Battling. No, that’s not the title, but the first part of all that is true.

Sources say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is primed and set to take center stage after being introduced in the second installment of the franchise, right before a Cobra-induced bloodbath literally wiped out the entire Joe roster in the first act. With zero respect given to the iconic top kick Duke, played by Channing Tatum before Channing Tatum got cool, the movie was left to ride on Johnson’s star power for the remaining run time. The film was a success and a huge improvement over its mediocre predecessor so it seems Hollywood has this one figured out: keep riding that Johnson wave of fortune.

Sources also say that the Johnson Wave Of Fortune will be the Rock’s new finishing move when he returns to the WWE.

With a 2016 release scheduled, G.I. Joe 3: The Rockening, scribe Lemkin is a lock, but director John Chu hasn’t confirmed his return.

Also boasting credit as screenwriter for The Devil’s Advocate, Lemkin is a real O.G. who knows the ups and downs of the business. Hopefully he also knows a lot about Joe folklore and can do the piece due justice, a warm beckon toward fans that the first movie didn’t have even a little bit. Who knows, maybe he’ll include some little-known Roadblock backstory involving his bestselling books and culinary mastery?


That’s not even a joke. Look it up. Roadblock was Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen.

My opinion? Following the Rock Model Of Success, outside of Tooth Fairy and Walking Tall, is a good bet, but G.I. Joe was never about one guy. It’s about a team, a LARGE team of badasses who defend America against another large team of badasses. And when you’ve killed off most of the good badasses, then it’s the Rock and friends vs. an army. So, here’s to bringing in what little Joes they have left for G.I. Joe 3: Body Massage

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