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ABOVE: Super7‘s SDCC-exclusive Alien Egg Chamber Playset. Is the girl on the box ecstatic or horrified? Boy looks to either be reveling in her disgust/misery, or is mid tear himself. Seriously, this is a f*cked thing to be letting kids play with. Did the photographer have them blindfolded, slipped in the playset, uncovered their eyes and snapped camera to capture their scarred for life looks? That’s some sinister sh*t. [CoolToyReview]


Batman’s most important black-tie accessory.  I can picture Batman having many a night standing naked in his Batcave wearing nothing but this Bat-tie. What am I doing picturing Batman naked? That’s a good question. Moving on… [FashionablyGeek]


These 3D print glassed let you feel like every movie you watch is a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. The snarky commentary, well you’re on your own there.   [Page2]


Skater dress with every single Pokemon from Poprageous. I question “every single Pokemon” promise. Looks like it only has up to gen 3, if that. Still, counting and naming each Pokemon is a good time killer, as well as good distraction from realizing paying $95 for this was way too much. [Geekologie]


Rhode Island brewery Narragansett Beer is re-releasing the 1975 can design that appeared in the film Jaws. Looks like you’re gonna need a bigger belly. Did you know that Robert Shaw’s Quint monologue almost didn’t make it into the movie? Shaw showed up drunk (prolly from Narragansett) and butchered the scene. Spielberg sent him home to sober up. They shot the next day and he did it in one take. [LaughingSquid]

This Game of Thrones wedding actually has a happy ending. Game of Thrones super fans Darren Prew and Kerry Ford from Hereford tied the knot as characters Daenerys Targaryen ‘Khaleesi’ and Jon Snow from the hit series. Shhh, you will mention this to no one. George R.R. Martin might find out  – “Oh you got married huh, it would be a shame if someone were to kill your whole family”. [BlinkBox]

Imagine if Frozen was cut like Game of Thrones. Ned Stark did warn everyone that Winter was coming.  [CutfilmPrintTV]

This guy sings a song made up of 29 perfect impressions. The female ones freak me out, realizing they’re coming from the same guy who just did an impression of Patrick Warburton. Crazy. He’s a better female singer than most female singers. [Dorkly]

How far can Legolas actually see? Science explains his Elvish nonsense. Blargh, Science, you assume Elvin eyes work the same as humans. You assume that light works the same on Middle Earth. Dude, it’s a book. It’s a fantasy fiction book. Seriously, man. [MinutePhysics]


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