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Not only will Batman and Superman battle each other in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justicethey will also duke it out with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). But this is superhero film, where just one bad guy isn’t enough. Hell, just one good guy isn’t enough either. So along with Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman, the film is also going to feature some more baddies.

Now which other villains will be making Bats and Supes’ lives difficult in the film? Latino-Review has a list and it’s an eclectic and believable one. Not many bigs names, mind you, but characters that definitely lend themselves to the story.

So, who’s going to be brawling with the Dark Knight and the big blue Boy Scout?

According to the report, these are the three other bad guys who will be appearing in Zack Snyder‘s flick:

Victor Zsasz: One creepy dude who likes to stab people to death and then mark himself for every murder he commits. A long time staple of the comics, Zsasz briefly appeared (sans markings) in Batman Begins. LR says he’ll take on Batman early in the film so don’t expect him to be a major antagonist but just someone who gets the action going in the first act.

Morgan Edge: A LexCorp executive and evil dude. Luthor’s right-hand man and closest in his inner circle. Latino-Review suggests the recently-cast Scoot McNairy will be playing this part and not Nightwing as previously rumored. Edge will debate Lois Lane on television in the film and will surely be a part of of whatever dastardly plan Luthor has put together.

David Cain: A talented and older assassin who meets with Lex Luthor’s bodyguard to schedule an assassination (Bruce Wayne? Superman?)

The site gives one other juicy detail, saying there is a “very powerful antagonist” who has yet to be cast. Could this be a major character from the comics who will perhaps set up a sequel? Darkseid? Doomsday? LR also says The Joker and Metallo will not be in the film so don’t get your hopes up.

These are three interesting and smart choices. They’re not the most well known comic book characters but that’s good, we don’t need another comic book film jam-packed with villains (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, anyone?). We need roles that will help create a story that works. DC and Warner Bros have been struggling to cobble together a cinematic universe like Marvel and the worst thing they could do would be to just toss every popular villain and hero into this film and see what happens. Let’s hope this report is true and they are taking their time and putting together something a little more subtle and well-paced. Let it breathe, let is be natural. We don’t need The Joker and Lex Luthor teaming up together just yet, let’s take this whole thing slow.

Still, you can be sure some folks will already be claiming that there are too many bad guys here. I can see that, especially since the movie will also be about Batman and Superman fighting. My hope is that this is the end of the list and we don’t get more and more villains added to it. This movie is going to be epic regardless of how many evildoers are in it, we don’t need it to be stuffed.

Source: Latino-Review

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