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ABOVE: Millennium Falcon cutting board will help you slice onions in under 12 parsecs. If onions make you cry and someone calls you out on it, just play it off and say “I was thinking about the prequels, and man do they make me upset”. [BigBadToyStore]


Stan Lee limited edition talking plush from Factory Entertainment. If you ever a wanted to sleep with Stan Lee by your side, now is your chance.  [ToplessRobot]


Angltigr as Black Widow. This girl is gorgeous. Awesome cosplay all around. Makes Scarlett Johanson look like a dumpster fire.   [CBM]

Jurassic Goat  (Jurassic Park goat version). I imagine that these goats are paying tribute to their lost brethren who was killed by the T-Rex. [MarcaBlanca]

Stan Lee Rants about long movie credits. Be careful Stan. They could take YOUR name out of the credits, and none of us want that! Wait a sec… did Lee shave his mustache?  [WorldofHeroes]

Independence Day is the greatest July 4th movie ever made – and in two years, we’re getting a sequel! But what do we REALLY want to see in ID4 2? The folks and ScreenJunkies toss out their ideas with their latest video feature – Sequels: Independence Day2 [ScreenJunkies]

Lady Iron Man leggings has impressive hoola hoop skills that seem to defy the law of physics. I want to see this done again, but I want her to wear lighted clothes and a lighted hoop in a pitch black room. [FashionablyGeek]

This stop-motion Transformer short is better than Age of Extinction. Gawd, why can’t Michael Bay make a Transformers movie like this?  Seriously, this guy practically did more in a little over 4 minutes than what Michael Bay has done in 4 movies. [GAS]


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