Starting today, if you visit Disney theme parks in Florida and California, you’ll get a chance to see 17-minutes of footage from Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy. A lucky few have already been able to see about 9 minutes of GOTG footage, and the verdict so far is awesome! If you’re looking forward to GOTG and are counting the days until August 1, you are going to be very pleased with that news. And if you’re one of those types that can’t wait to see the movie, there’s plenty of talk online as to what those 9 minutes contain. Spoilers follow, so if you want to stay fresh, I might advise you to overt your eyes now.

Courtesy of Furious Fanboys, the following description is making the rounds. Before reading the details, it seems like much of the footage is tied to scenes we’ve already seen in the trailers, the gag with Star Lord in the alien vault, his encounter with Korath and the whole “Star Lord, man, the renegade outlaw,” joke. Most of those nine minutes seems to be the opening scene, which smash cuts to some re-edited footage in an expanded trailer, and wraps with the scene of Rocket “fake laughing” at Star Lord’s plan, which we’ve also previously seen.

Want to get into the details? The fanboys offer more info below:

It opens with a shot of the planet Morag, an “abandoned world”. Star-Lord’s ship lands here, and it’s a nasty and alien place. Heavy rain, wind, and geysers erupting from the ground greet him as he begins to explore it while wearing his mask. He pulls out a device that scans the area and shows him a blue-wireframe hologram of what the place looked like in its heyday. It finds the building he’s looking for in the ruins and displays that as a red-wireframe with a red path lighting the way.

Star-Lord enters the ruins and taps a button under his ear that makes his mask dissolve into that small button. He puts on his headphones, clips his Walkman to his belt, hits play, and we hear the opening of Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love”. Now the best part of the footage begins. As the first vocals come in, there’s a wide shot of Star-Lord with his arms in the air, mid-dance, and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” title appears as if summoned by him. He begins to dance to the music through the ruins. Sliding on puddles. Kicking little alien rats, and picking them up to use as a microphone to lip-sync to the music. He eventually reaches the vault we’ve all seen in the trailers where the orb is held.

After opening the door with some kind of futuristic lock pick, he lights the room with a sphere that he leaves on the ground. He then tosses a magnetic device on the floor that pulls the orb out of the field holding it, and that’s when Korath and his two thugs find him. Star-Lord calls one of the minions a “Ninja Turtle” before giving Korath his real name, Peter Quill. When that doesn’t work he says “there’s another name you may know me by”, which is when we get the “Star-Lord/Who?” bit. Deciding to escape he kicks his light sphere at the two guys pointing guns at him, which vaporizes them. He shoots Korath, knocking him to the ground, and when he gets up is when he fires at Star-Lord and he does his Neo thing to dodge the blast and use his rocket boots to escape.

He then begins running to his ship with Korath in pursuit. Korath has a few more thugs guarding Star-Lord’s ship, so Quill tosses his super magnet at them, which pins them to the ground so he can get in his ship and escape. He manages to do that before Korath can have a canon assembled and vaporize him, but before he can get in orbit he’s hit by a huge geyser. The ship is tossed in the air and begins falling quickly, as Star-Lord is tossed around the cockpit along with all stuff including his Troll doll. This bit was one of the better 3D effects. Right before it crashes to the ground, he manages to pull a lever activating the thrusters and he sits down letting out an exhausted grunt.

From there, the footage goes into a reedited version of the full trailer set to “Spirit in the Sky”. There is some new footage here, especially what looks like a space battle inside of Knowhere. Before the end, however, there’s one short scene they show.

This is the full scene of Star-Lord telling the group that he has a plan, which Rocket laughs at. Quill says it’s a fake laugh and Rocket assures him it’s the most real laugh he’s ever made in his entire life. Groot breaks it up by nibbling on a leaf growing on his shoulder, which apparently really grosses out Star-Lord and Gamora.

The footage shown is very cool, lots of fun, and fits what you’d expect from both a Guardians of the Galaxy and James Gunn movie. We only have a few weeks before this is in theaters, and just based on these nine minutes the wait has definitely been worth it.

I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds damn exciting. It might be too long a wait until August 1 to finally see this thing in living color, but it’s nice to hear that Guardians of the Galaxy will, at least, meet fan boy expectations. Whether or not it meets the expectations of the broader audience is still very much in question.

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