Halloween is supposed to be scary but a new batch of Guardians of the Galaxy costumes being prepped for October are beyond frightening. They are…disturbing. There’s something about the eyes in these photos. Something human and sad and enslaved. Just look at the picture above. But don’t look too long, otherwise you may lose your soul to that…thing claiming to be Groot.

But there’s more. Oh, there is much more. Over here, in the dark.

The images, found by Geek Tyrant (courtesy Costume Craze) prove that Marvel is putting a lot of cash into Guardians. That’s a good thing, we want the movie to do well and I would love to see little kids (or myself) dressed as Rocket Raccoon come Halloween. However, something got lost in translation here because it’s all very off. Maybe it’s the models they chose or the sterile, sad, white background but these photos are definite night terror material.

Truth be told, the only out-right scary ones are Groot and Rocket. However, all of the photos have that amateurish, bizarre quality that feels like homemade-meets-horror-film. I can see serial killers wearing these things, standing outside your door at night playing “Hooked on a Feeling” and holding a butcher knife.

And the eyes. My god, the eyes…

Guardians will be released in less than a month and, as we’ve said before, this is a big test for Marvel Studios. Will moviegoers be willing to see a movie about little-known comic characters starring a cast full of mostly upcoming stars? How much do people trust Marvel? Is the goodwill strong enough to make Guardians of the Galaxy a hit? I sure hope so because the film world needs characters like Star Lord, Gamora and the rest of the Guardians. We need space-faring adventure comedies and we really need Marvel to expand more and more, not relying solely on Iron Man, Thor and the rest of The Avengers.

Also, I want the movie to do well so costume companies put more money into these things. I don’t think I can go through too many Halloweens looking at these soul-shattering abominations.

Guardians (1) Guardians (2) Guardians (4) Guradians (3) Gurardians (5)

Guardians (6)

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