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ABOVE:  Ten of the actors who were rotoscoped for the first three Mortal Kombat games came together last weekend at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, to hang out with some fans. Impossible! I saw Sub-Zero get his head ripped off twenty years ago, and yet there he is, alive and well. I don’t understand! All things considered, they’ve aged pretty well (except for Johnny Cage, guy to the far right) and look like they can still very much kick some ass. [Kotaku


Turn popsicles into lighsabers with DIY hilts. Added benefit, they double as winter warmer penis covers.  [Make]


Oki-Cosplay as Starfire. Again I applaud a cosplayer who actually tries to look like the characters. She does and she looks fantastic doing it.[CBM]

Akira player piano. If this doesn’t make you want to take another trip to Neo-Tokyo, nothing will. [PlayerPiano]

Guy creates Tetris shirt that actually plays the game. Kudos to this guy, using his nerd ingenuity to get girls to touch him. Crafty bastard, we salute you.   [BuzzFeed]

Kids reacting to the original Game Boy.  It’s almost like kids are unfamiliar with toys that they’ve never seen before because they happened to be born many years after the generation that had them. Still, this makes me feel old and irrelevant. [Dorkly]

Professor X Cat. Except the Professor would never intentionally kill anyone even if they were a threat. Neutralize through pacification is his policy. On the other hand, cats are assholes, so… [TheMarySue]

Batman Meets Dethklok In “Batmetal”. Just when I thought a Dethklok song couldn’t be anymore awesome. Not safe for work unless your work is METAL AS F*CK [ArhyBets]

Proof that wearing Hulk Hands will make you successful in all aspects of life. Like that was ever even a question? [NerdApproved]

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