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Though the version of X-Men: Days of Future Past we got in theaters was, according to most, a damned fine movie, the truth of the matter is that there were still plenty of scenes cut from the film in order to get it down to the 2 hour and 11 minute run time that audiences were witness to. Rather than toss all that footage into the void, producer Lauren Shuler Donner made the announcement via Twitter that they’ll be releasing a director’s cut once the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray. And while we don’t yet have a complete list of everything they’ll be including with the release, we do know that one important scene will be returning – another epic battle staged in the future version of the X-Men universe.



One scene that was spoken of but didn’t make the cut included Anna Paquin’s Rogue. Apparently, this long-time X-Man was, in a future sequence, supposed to have been captured by the Sentinel army and experimented upon. It was through studying Rogue that the robot menace gained their absorption powers, thus enabling them to mimic any mutant power that was turned against them.

Part of the sequence had Iceman and Magneto rushing to rescue the captured X-Man. Rogue, once rescued, was supposed to act as a back-up plan should Kitty Pryde have any problems with the whole sending Wolverine back in time deal. Of course, in the movie this panned out rather differently, with Kitty continuing to keep Wolverine under despite him giving her a good stick with his claws.

In the end, there will likely be at least another 20 minutes of footage and, depending on what else was trimmed from director Bryan Singer’s original vision, the Days of Future Past we can expect to see when it hits DVD and Blu-ray could be close to 3 hours long. Whether the new, longer version will prove to be the better movie, however, remains to be seen. Personally, I loved the movie enough that I wouldn’t mind at all sitting through even more of it.

Which leads me to the question – will there ever be a time when the folks in Hollywood will allow two versions to be released in the theaters? Most blockbusters these days end up consuming two auditoriums at the least, so why not make one of them the extended version? Or, if you really want to milk audiences of their hard-earned cash, drop the director’s cut version a couple of weeks after the original opens. There are plenty of folks that would go back to see it a second time, just to know what they were missing the first time around.

If only we lived in a perfect world…

What say the Nerd Readers? Are you excited to see a longer version of DofP? Or was the 2-hour cut enough for you?


Source: Donner’s Twitter

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