It seemed like a storybook romance: Fan favorite director Edgar Wright was going to bring his beloved Ant-Man project to life, and the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to be the better for it. When that relationship fell through because of control issues Wright apparently wasn’t willing to give up, we’ve read nothing but taboo reports about the awkward enterprise. With Wright’s exit, so went cinematographer Bill Pope. Enter Adam McKay to write the movie Marvel wants. You may know him from the hit-and-miss Anchorman series and such short films as A Public Statement from Anthony Weiner’s Penis. Now, before you go questioning his action movie chops, keep in mind that the movie is supposed to be funny too. He’s got history with star Paul Rudd and an aptitude for writing comedy. But how’s the script? It might be a problem that Marvel is working tirelessly to fix…

Like a weird first date getting weirder, in come Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer to rewrite the already rewritten script that wouldn’t die. Their claims to fame include a Sabrina The Teenage Witch draft and the Black List screenplay Die In A Gunfight. Wait, the Black List? That sounds bad, right? Well, it’s not. When your script makes the Black List in Hollywood, it means studios love it. Ant-Man‘s not on the Black List.

But hey, it doesn’t need to be because this movie is already bought and rolling. And from what I’ve gathered, these young NYU upstarts will stick around the Hotlanta set making necessary script revisions to McKay’s revised script. Until Marvel hires three or four new writers to change their changes. To quote Vonnegut, “And so it goes…”

I’m fine with this. Worse movies have been made by one director on minimal re-writes. Iron Man stayed in developmental hell for years and it rocked. Conversely, George Lucas had full creative control over the Star Wars prequels and ruined everything. Sometimes you have to yank power out from under a director in order to get it right. As much as I like Edgar Wright, Marvel needed their movie to be made, not his. I see the new writers coming aboard as a good thing because no matter what they do, I don’t believe Marvel will let them veer too far off course. Call it micromanaging if you want, but that studio knows exactly what its doing. And we’ll see about that on July 17, 2015.

The Ant-Man is a heist story involving the most iconic characters to wear the mantle: Hank Pym and Scott Lang. So far, it’s directed by Peyton Reed and stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, David Dastmalchian, and Patrick Wilson.


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