We talked a bit about Kevin Smith‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Fake Script Rumor announcement earlier today, and now we’ve got the full scoop for you. Being Kevin Smith you can expect not just the scoop, but colorful sprinkles and chopped nuts on top!

His quick reply was posted on Twitter:

Which linked to Smith’s more detailed response on his blog Silent Bob Speaks: Of Bats and Walruses…

Tuesday 8 July 2014 @ 12:14 pm

There’ve been a few movie websites reporting I might’ve been involved in a BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE misinformation campaign, at the behest of Warner Brothers, director Zack Snyder and producer Chuck Roven. The idea was that everything I’ve ever said about the forthcoming big screen team-up of the World’s Finest is a carefully constructed web of intrigue to throw movie sites off the real track.

Since last year at this time, I’ve been enjoying an unexpected period of prolificacy with screenplays. It all started with CLERKS III and was followed by me finishing nearly 5 scripts in a year, including the fall release TUSK. After TUSK, I penned ANTI-CLAUS (formerly COMES THE KRAMPUS) and a sitcom pilot that’s now seeing some action (both co-written with Professor Andy McElfresh from the EDUMACATION podcast). Then I wrote YOGA HOSERS and now I’m in the middle of MOOSE JAWS.

However, none of those has been a fake BATS v SUPES script. C’mon, kids… No major studio would let a guy like me near their franchises – even if it was for a dummy script meant solely to fool the news sites. (Don’t know if it’s true or not, but this Twitter user is claiming credit for a fugazi script that’s currently being reviewed online.)

No, anything I’ve said about “Milo and Sage” was based on an image Zack showed me while hosting a MAN OF STEEL online event at Yahoo many months back. The little I know of the flick beyond that I learned from some cats involved (though never BatFleck himself; as I’ve said a few times now on the Babble-On podcast, beyond email, I haven’t spoken to Ben in years). Fun story, though.

While you’re here, however? That script for TUSK that I wrote? We turned into an actual movie that’s coming out this fall from A24. Oddly enough, it’s the best film I’ve ever made (or at the very least, the most interesting). Thank you all for saying #WalrusYes on Twitter last year. Can’t wait to show you the movie. In the meantime, here’s the poster… We’ll be posting the trailer at the official website after I premiere it at my Comic-Con panel in 2 weeks.


Well, there it is. As predicted earlier, Smith shot down the fake script rumors, all the while using the Internet’s interest in said rumor as an opportunity to plug his upcoming projects. The man knows how to make the Internet dance, and we dance for the self-declared Fatman. Oh. How. We. Dance.

I find it hard to blame Smith for capitalizing on this latest Internet hoopla though, we really just do it to ourselves in the long run. Everyone loves bringing a good exclusive to the Internet, sometimes no matter how far-fetched it may seem. If Smith’s going to have to answer questions about it, he might as well get something out of the whole ordeal, if only for some return on the time he expends explaining how ridiculous the original idea was in the first place.

Honestly, if he just put out this new Tusk poster, only about 40% to 50% of the Internet media would cover it until an actual trailer was released. It would take a very slow news day for it to gain any real traction. Now, just about everyone will include it in their post about Smith’s denial. We’d have gotten around to it eventually when the trailer hit, but it certainly wouldn’t have received the same amount of coverage or attention it will receive today.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t foretell the coming of other fake scripts being leaked left and right for other upcoming blockbusters in an attempt to mimic this backdoor publicity success for other people hungry for some Internet publicity.

Smith also confirmed his appearance at this years SDCC 2014, and that Tusk‘s trailer will premiere at said SDCC panel.

Via: Silent Bob Speaks

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