Rumors were flying around the Internet over the weekend, as they often do, that Kevin Smith was part of an elaborate plot to confuse and perplex anyone trying to figure out what the story line, the villains, and other characters details for director Zach Snyder‘s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now Smith has announced that he will respond to those accusations today at 11:00 AM PST. What might he say?

Here’s the tweet from last night:

Ahh, Smith is a master at working the Internet media for free publicity and this time should prove to be no different. We may or may not get an answer on the fake script rumor, or this could all be another elaborate plot to help Smith introduce a new Kickstarter Campaign for Clerks III, which Smith recently announced was turned down by Hollywood heavy weight producer Harvey Weinstein.

He’ll certainly have every Internet media outlet waiting to hear and report on his scheduled announcement later today. If you haven’t checked out the “leaked” script yet, here’s a link:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Script

It’s a silly script in my opinion, with way too many characters that many non-comic-book-reading people won’t know or understand. If DC Comics and Hollywood can’t get a Wonder Woman script past the green-light process, a character well-known by everyone, there’s no way they’d get this one through.

We’ll find out in another hour, check back!

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