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ABOVE: Leave it to Gentle Giant when it comes to interesting variations on Star Wars character statues and costumes. I love their Star Wars animated Marquette line. This time they’ve tackled the McQuarrie concept costume of Luke Skywalker. Here’s hoping that other McQuarrie concept costumes soon follow! [StarWars]


Wonderful Doctor Who TARDIS bookends to… bookend your favorite Doctor Who DVDs, books, or other things that need book-ending. *Space between bookends not guaranteed to be bigger on the inside. [NerdApproved]


Lyz Brickley Cosplay & Jessica Nigri cosplay League of Legends Jinx and Ziggs at Anima Expo this week!


Even a Sith master makes his apprentice brush every day after meals. Now you can too with these Lightsaber toothbrushes. Sugary treats lead to Plague, Plague leads to Gingivitis, Gingivitis leads to Tooth Decay. [Technabob]

The Galactic Empire has landed and taken over a large part of this German airport. It’s a fantastically fun video from YouTube user Frank Wunderlich.  Perhaps after suffering the loss of the second Death Star the remaining forces came to Earth. All they had to do was follow the Ion trail of the Battlestar Galactica after all. [Geekologie]

OK, full disclosure time here. I went into this Harry Potter vs Twilight Dance Battle video wanting, WITH ALL MY SOUL, to hate it, but it is so well done, that I just couldn’t. In fact, I want to see more!  [ScottDW]

Knew that, knew that, knew that, didn’t know that, knew that, knew that, knew that, didn’t know that, knew that, knew that, didn’t know that, knew that, knew that, knew that, didn’t know that, knew that, knew that , knew that. What about you? What 18 facts about Ghostbusters didn’t you know? [Buzzfeed]

This is the video for you if you’ve ever wanted to visit Southpark in person. Using this Oculus Rift demo you can roam the streets of Southpark [Dorkly]


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