The Real Harley Quinn Visiting SDCC… Sort Of

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Anyone who’s been to any comic or geek-centric convention in the entire world knows that Harley Quinn has become a staple of cosplayers everywhere. From classic Harley to sexy Harley to Harley of the Renaissance, there are a thousand incarnations and at least 100 times that number of cosplayers out there. So what better way to celebrate the fame of the Joker’s ladyfriend than to bring her to a convention for reals? That’s exactly what’s happening with San Diego Comic Con this year, as Harley Quinn is getting her own one-shot comic (entitled Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego) featuring her antics at said convention.

Here’s the brief on the one-shot:

Our favorite little troublemaker, Harley Quinn, takes on Comic-Con International: San Diego in this over the top issue! She’ll have to battle long lines, crazy crowds and the dread con crud, all in the quest to get her own comic book published!

And a slightly more detailed version of the description, courtesy of the writers:

Amanda Connor – “Harley and her freak show friends get a booth at Comic-Con. Harley to come along to help them out [and] wherever she goes, mayhem ensues, and that’s what happens at Comic-Con. More mayhem than the usual.”

“She’s out of her mind, so anything goes. There’s nothing we can think up that’s too crazy for Harley, and that’s the best thing. We’ll think of something absolutely insane and, [realize] oh yeah, we can do that with Harley.”

Jimmy Palmiotti – “We’ve been going to Comic-Con for over 20 years and we tried to put in all the positive stuff. We wanted to celebrate Comic-Con rather than go after it. Because that’s a whole different book altogether.”

“She has a comic strip that she wants to show off at the Con to see if anyone’s interested in hiring her to draw it. It features a character Harley made up called Hurl Girl, a superhero whose power is to throw up.”

Dealing with the crowds of Comic Con… sounds worse than anything Harley ever had to do for the Joker. Let’s just hope she manages to bust some heads and slit a few throats while she’s there. Preferably the throats of some of the creepers that tend to populate SDCC every year. But whether she gets around to cleaning the con up or not, it should be interesting to see what Connor and Palmiotti have to say about the world of SDCC. Anyone who’s been there knows that it’s a very unpleasant place in many respects. Putting poor Harley in that situation… well, one can’t help but feel for her.

But wait! Harley’s not the only person to be gracing the pages of her one-shot, for the comic will apparently also feature Stephen Amell, aka The Arrow, along with many other surprise guests. Which makes sense, I suppose, considering it is SDCC and thus filled with iconic geek personalities aplenty. I do, however, wonder whether this DC produced comic will feature anyone at all dressed up as a Marvel character. Those copyright issue can be quite the bitch to get around.

For those that can’t or won’t be attending SDCC, fear not, for the Harley one-shot isn’t just for those that shelled out the $50,000 (or whatever it is these days) for an SDCC ticket. You can pick it up starting on Wednesday, July 16th either at your local comic shop or online via


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