For several months FX has been offering unsettling little teases about their new series The Strain. Adapted from the first novel in a series written by collaborators Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, it was originally planned as a story for television. When Del Toro couldn’t find buyers, he took the literary route, eventually leading us to what might just be the future in TV horror.

The Strain tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, top man at the CDC in New York City. He puts together a team of investigators to look into a spreading disease of vampirism. Everything goes to hell and next thing you know he’s got a battle for humankind on his hands. If you didn’t read the books, that’s okay. The little tidbits circulating the internet will fill you in on what you need to know.

These two short videos are both bleak and dire examples of what could happen when a crazy man is given the power to disturb others. Yes, I’m calling Del Toro crazy. He’s always been crazy, only bested by Tim Burton in terms of WTF-film-making. See for yourselves.

The Strain – Their World:

The Strain – Countdown:

Feel that? That was my skin crawling across your neck.

Walking hesitantly through an aircraft cabin full of dead people sucks enough, but when they wake up as monsters and freak out, nobody can blame you for peeing on yourself. Hell, I do that if I see a mouse. And though these visuals aren’t putting me in the “vampire” mindset quite yet, they are introducing a fascinating new element of scary. But do they suck blood? That’s a given in the vampire genre right? It stands to reason that the transference of blood is integral to the reproductive process because the second video “Countdown” predicts total world domination by these things. Question: what else can they feed on? Because if they do eradicate humanity, that’s the end of their food source. If they’re mindless monsters, they haven’t thought of this, but given the ability to reason…

Del Toro’s obviously going for a new, inventive way to depict bloodsuckers, and that’s a good thing. A parasitic creature enters the human host and wrecks that self before it can check itself. It’s a fast acting virus that warps a person into something even its mother can’t love and at this point I’ll accept anything trying to take the sour taste of Twilight out of my mouth. I hate it when vampires can walk around in the sunlight like it’s a joke, so I hope these creatures are kept in the dark. And have you seen the grills on these SOB’s?


Something tells me we’ll have to stick with True Blood reruns for our sexy vampire fixes. Hot make-out sessions are now a thing of the past because there’s a lot going on in that maw. Apparently those appendages are stingers and the tongue can reach out a few feet like Toad’s from the X-Men.

Stray observation here – his scarf is in tatters. Was he homeless before the change? Because if this is a new disease, he probably just changed, and should be sporting only the best in Banana Republic menswear, right?

I’m over thinking this. I’m sure questions will start getting answers on July 13th on FX.  Click HERE for the full series trailer.

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