George R.R. Martin Gives Doubting Fans the Finger

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It’s one of the big concerns among fans of George R.R. Martin and his A Song of Fire and Ice series – that the 65-year-old writer is going to run out of steam and bite the big one before he manages to finish the final installment. It happened with Robert Jordan and The Wheel of Time, so we’re naturally a bit worried that history may repeat itself. As a result, people scream and complain that he’s not writing fast enough. “Where’s the damn sixth book?!” echoes through the halls of the Internet on a regular basis. Now, Martin himself is stepping up to fire back at his paranoid fans.

When a Swiss newspaper brought the question up to Martin in an interview he responded with a curt:

“I find that question pretty offensive. So f**k you to those people.”

He then presented his middle finger for emphasis (see above photo).

To further voice his frustration, Martin related some tales of ridiculous fans getting upset because they saw him partaking in real life activities. Apparently, if the man leaves his writing desk for even a minute, it’s akin to setting a baby kitten on fire.

I have to admit that I’m not innocent when it comes to screaming my frustration at the sky about the Song of Fire and Ice series. I was hooked on The Wheel of Time and when Jordan went kaput I was worried that the series would tank. As it turned out, the final three books ended up better written than most of what Jordan put together. Go figure. Whether someone can match the skill of George R.R. Martin, however, is a mystery that I would rather not discover the answer to.

Speaking as a writer, I know it can be difficult to get the words on the page sometimes. Add to that the fact that Martin is producing on Game of Thrones and all the other media crap that goes along with that gig and you’ve got a very busy man trying to crank out 100,000 words while living his life. And if those words aren’t absolutely perfect, then fans will be even more pissed off.

Still, one has to face the facts – Martin is a damned slow writer. And he’s getting on in years. And he’s not exactly the healthiest specimen of a man. So the likelihood of him hitting the grave is increasing with each and every year. But I think I speak for most folks when I say that we’d rather have the best Song of Fire and Ice that we can possibly get. And if that means waiting another decade for the final two books to come out, then so be it.

At the same time, I think Martin should realize that he’s got a million people hooked on his books like they were top-grade heroin. If we get a little edgy at times, he shouldn’t take it personally. And to the fans – let the man have a little room. He’ll finish when he finishes.

If you’d like to take a look at the entire interview with Martin, head to the Tages-Anzeiger website and watch the video there.


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