Alan Robert is a busy man. Since the 90’s he’s been the on again/off again bassist for Brooklyn-based alternative rock and heavy metal band, Life Of Agony. He’s been active in the comic book industry for years, having first become known for his four-part Wire Hangers series – which he wrote and illustrated. In 2013, it was announced that Robert was teaming with IDW Comics to produce The Shunned One, his newest story about an Angel of Death who bails on his duties and goes rogue after sparing the lives of innocents. The comic still hasn’t come out yet but already has a movie deal. Yes, Alan Robert is a busy man and is about to get busier.

Robert’s Wasted Talent Entertainment brand will co-produce the project alongside L.A.’s The Coalition Group, the company behind Oblivion and The Legend Of Hercules. Not only is there a lot of producing planned here but there’s a lot of writing happening too. Mr. Robert is no doubt feverishly working on his The Shunned One comic, due out in 2015. Good thing too, because Jack Reher of Endangered “fame” has been brought on to script the movie and is gonna need something to write about. According to, Reher also worked on a teleplay  for a project called Killojy back in 2013. Could it be related to another Alan Robert series of the same name? It might have something to do with this video…

Wow, this dude has more going on than I thought. Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone and Brea Grant? I bet fans of that comic are foaming at the mouth on this one. Feel free to pop by Robert’s personal website for more info on what he’s doing or supposed to be doing. Like making a The Shunned One comic.

Oblivion got mixed reviews and the Rock’s Hercules movie sucked, but filmers gonna film, so BLAMMO! One Angel Of Death movie coming up! And at this stage of the game we got the gist and that’s it: supernatural killer with a conscience. If you can believe The Wrap’s synopsis:

“His actions alter balance in the universe, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters. As a result, a pack of vengeful death angels are sent down to hunt him. He must hide amongst the humans while trying to undo the damage he’s done.” 

Pfffffffft, that’s a Saturday night for me. Screw around and answer my phone when the wrong person’s calling, which provokes a chain reaction of going out and drinking too much and a pack of vengeful bouncers kick me out of a club. Then I hide drunkenly among the trash cans in the alley until I sober up. Hey look at me everybody! I’m the Shunned One! But it does strike a positive chord that Roberts and Reher have worked together before and obviously have no problems working together again. That’s the beginnings of good chemistry, not to mention a good omen.

Here’s a full shot of the exclusive poster art and the AOD looking like Venom from Spiderman 3.


Source: The Wrap

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