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ABOVE: Ghostbusters cake made by a crafty parent for sons birthday. When it comes to being a parent, it’s twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No job is too big. No fee is too big.[ThatsNerdalicious


Instagram user mirrorsme takes selfie photography to the next level by drawing on her mirror before snapping selfies. [GAS]

Japanese Doctor Who parody. Just when you thought that Doctor Who couldn’t get any stranger…this appears.  [TheNerdist]

If Super Mario Bros. had a hostage negotiator. There’s only one person in the Mushroom Kingdom equipped to deal with princess kidnappings: Frank Rizzoli. [Dorkly]

The Luigi death stare was scary in the game and a fun meme while it lasted, but now Luigi and his evil eyes (and green shell) have come to the real world and invaded Anime Expo. Why does Luigi throw shells at Cosplayers? Just he’s a fungi! Oh wait, that’s a Mushroom joke… [FashionablyGeek]

After Frozen ends, Frozen is the New Black begins, as Elsa must serve time in princess prison for freezing the kingdom of Arendelle. If you don’t think frozen is the new black, try getting frostbite. [Only Leigh]

This is a video of DJ Jazzy Jeff beat-dueling Jeremy Ellis using the original sound from Super Mario Bros. The whole time watching this, I was/am convinced that Jeremy Ellis is actually Larry from The Three Stooges.  [Geekologie]


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