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ABOVE: Sub Zero (Heather1337) and Scorpion (Jenifer Ann) do battle in this Cosplayality. Flawless (costume) victory. [FashionablyGeek


Bumblee Transfomers ring. For when your wife is a nerd and going to Jarred just won’t do. Getting a custom ring will transform your wallet   [Custom Made]


If Retro gaming sprites were made real. Incidentally, the same effect can be experienced while playing old-school games on acid. Just be forewarned, playing while tripping may lead to severe anxiety, an existential crisis (I dunno man, sometimes I feel like I AM the blue shell), or both.    [Dorkly]

French department store Printemps had an art exhibition inside the store called “Pop the Bag.” Each installation featured a handbag, and DeviantArt user Kordian decided to add a pop culture twist by featuring Catwoman swiping Batman’s cowl. The statue is meant to be a modern take on Caravaggio’s “Judith Beheading Holofernes.” Am I the only one that sees a female statue and always tempted to poke or honk it’s boobs? [NerdApproved]


Mario made out of storage boxes. Notice how they’re empty? They are as empty as your childhood. What were you doing staying home playing video games all day, you should have been outside and socializing! Who am I kidding, our childhoods were great! Screw those kids who played in the real world.  [Technabob]

Halo 3 easter egg revealed. Did you see it? Look closer at the rings forming, closer. Catch it yet? It says “Happy Birthday Lauren”. What’s more shocking – that it took 7 years for someone to spot this Easter Egg, or that people still play Halo 3?  [Beyond Entertainment]

Somewhere in San Francisco is a hidden workshop of wonder. A place where iconic characters, creatures, and props from cult favorite movies are pulled from the screen into reality. Adam Savage’s Cave is the Mythbusters host’s personal sanctum, the place he goes not only to build his painstaking creations but where he displays a lifetime’s collection of oddities, eclectic memorabilia, and film props. It’s the well that’s at once the source of Adam’s inspiration and a reflection of his obsessions [Tested]

Minecraft Honest Trailer. And don’t forget the cruel and horrifying death of your pet wolf companion. Mine died in this most tragic way that left me stunned for days.   [Smosh Games]

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