Fans of Daniel Radcliffe will be happy to know that we’ve got some more tidbits from his latest flick, Horns. Oh, it’s also for fans of Joe Hill’s original book, but Radcliffe’s name carries more weight, so we mention him first. All kidding aside, the latest trailer is making the movie look very, very watchable, particularly if you’re into tragic modern fantasy. Scroll on to take a look at the latest poster for Horns as well as the new trailer.

First and foremost, here’s the trailer:

Wow. It’s really not looking bad. Poor Radcliffe has been battling against the Harry Potter syndrome ever since that franchise finished up and he’s been making quite the name for himself on Broadway. If this movie turns out as good as it’s looking, we may see the actor shed those old typecasting trends and start to display the amazing talent that is lurking within. Anyone want to place a bet that Radcliffe gets at least one Oscar nomination before the next five years are up?

As for the movie itself, it seems like the perfect date night movie for geeks and other folks that have had to deal with being on the shit side of the social equation. Hopefully the final product will live up to the hype. Given that director Alexandre Aja has a hit-and-miss kind of resume, we won’t know what we’re going to get until we’re sitting in the theater seat, popcorn in hand.

Oh yeah, and here’s the newest poster:

horns poster

What say the Nerd Readers? You excited to see what Horns has to offer? Eager to see Radcliffe taking on such a serious and tragic role?


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