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If you’re looking for more info on what to expect from the upcoming return to the Jurassic Park franchise, check out this latest find. Someone managed to snatch one of the brochures being used in Jurassic World and now we have some pictures. Check out a sneak peak at some of the amazing attractions that those living in the fictional Jurassic universe will be able to enjoy.

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It looks like they have it set up like any amusement park would be, complete with icons to let you know exactly where to grab a bite to eat, take a leak or drop your kids off so they don’t bug you the entire time. Contrary to the first three movies, it seems as if Jurassic World is going to start off right in the thick of things, with the amusement park open for business. Which means when the crap hits the fan there will be plenty of running, screaming tourists for the dinosaurs to eat. I’m already liking this idea.

As the inside scoop goes, the movie is supposed to begin with the amusement park having been open for several years already and business just isn’t what it used to be. So the folks that run the park decide to add a few new attractions to drum up some interest. And, as always, when they start messing with the laws of nature, bad things happen.

Considering the poor quality of the second two Jurassic Park movies, a change in focus might help revitalize interest. A return to the original idea of having the dinosaurs be the subject of a theme park is part of what made the original so interesting. And now that the theme park is up, we’ll kind of get to see what the first Jurassic Park might have looked like had the critters not escaped and caused a buttload of havoc. I do believe I may actually see this movie, despite the bad taste that still lingers in my mouth from the last two dino-sploitation films.

Check out Jurassic World in all its glory when it hits the big screen on June 12, 2015.


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