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First hitting tv screens in 1984, Rainbow Brite follows a little girl named Wisp who is transported to a colorless land. In her quest to bring color back to the land, she befriends a sprite named Twink and a white horse named Starlite, finds the color belt and rescues the seven Color Kids. Developed by the Hallmark Company, Rainbow Brite was successful in the mid-80s, running for multiple seasons and even having an animated movie. Since then, though, not much has been done with the property, beyond toys for various “reboots” in the 90s and 00s, but that looks like it’s changing in a big way. 

Actress Emily Osment, best known for Hannah Montana or for being related to the kid from The Sixth Sense, revealed on Instagram that she’s working on a new Rainbow Brite animated series and will be voicing the titular Rainbow Brite, even writing: “First day on the job! Very stoked to be back doing some animation this summer. See you soon! Love, Emily aka Rainbow Brite.”

80s reboots are all the rage nowadays, it seems for animated and live action properties alike. With the reemergence of My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake, it’s not surprising to see Rainbow Brite following along. The show was successful in its day and spawned plenty of merchandise. As Hallmark is a merchandising machine, it surely won’t be long before they take advantage of it again and start printing Rainbow Brite merchandise by the truckloads and within the next couple years we’ll likely see grade school girls everywhere with binders, folders, and more with Rainbow Brite’s face all over them.

Personally, I’ve seen enough of Rainbow Brite in my day, but maybe there are some out there a little more excited for it. Certainly, it’ll give some parents the joy of sharing a part of their childhood with their kids when the reboot finally starts to air. Until then, maybe the intro from the original 1984 cartoon will help tide you over.

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