reynolds green lantern

Oh, Screen Junkies. You do make me laugh so very much. And I have to send out a word of thanks that the team that puts together the amazing Honest Trailers segment on YouTube finally got around to doing one of the most schizophrenic comic book movies ever made – Green Lantern. It’s the movie that made Ryan Reynolds’ name into a household curse word and it deserves the treatment more than most. Scroll on to enjoy all the buttery goodness of the Green Lantern Honest Trailer.

Poor DC. It is the disaster that they will spend the next 10 movies trying to live down. What’s even worse is that there are still people out there pulling for Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role as Deadpool (a casting decision that is dangerously close to becoming reality). His presence has already tainted two super hero movies, do we really need him showing up in yet another? Let our lesson be learned already. At least Ben Affleck has only destroyed one film (so far…).


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