The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters are two of the most iconic and beloved franchises in popular nerd culture. It’s a shame that almost everything about them lately has been annoying – one having a frivolous and nonsensical movie reboot coming out (TMNT) and the other getting a 3rd movie regardless of fan objectification and creative dissent (Ghostbusters).

Our desire to see more of the films and characters we love – like Ghosbusters and TMNT – does not out weigh the worry that anything new will suck. A safe medium, however, has always been comic books. Depending on how serious the effort and whether or not cannon is stake, new stories and adventures in print are accepted or dismissed with little impact on franchise standings – it’s like a micro-verse where anything and everything can happen, and they often do. Offering fans a fun homage whilst satisfying that itch to see something new.

Now, having said that, I never thought I’d see Ghostbusters and TMNT cross paths. But, they are – in a crossover 30 years in the making…

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teaming up with the Ghostbusters to save the world in an exciting new comic book mini-series crossover by IDW.

It’s like all the stories I made up as a kid while playing with my Turtle and Ghost Buster action figures is finally coming true!

Here’s the synopsis:


When a new invention goes haywire, the Turtles are sent to a whole new type of New York City. One with a whole lot more ghosts… and Ghostbusters! The two teams will have to learn to get along quickly, because a new foe from the Turtles past has followed them and aims to conquer NYC!

As fans of both Ghostbusters and TMNT, the kid in me is pretty excited about this news. I never knew how much I wanted this until now.

Below you will find the full press release about the 4-issue series:

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Two teams of legendary heroes will join forces this fall to save New York City and the world from the paranormal and the monstrous when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlescross paths with the Ghostbusters! With both franchises celebrating their 30th anniversaries this year, it’s never been better time to team up Proton Packs with Ninjutsu!
Transported to a different universe by a faulty invention, the TMNT find themselves in a New York City much like their own, but with one major exception: a rampant ghost problem! If that weren’t enough, the Turtles and their reluctant new hosts, the Ghostbusters, soon find that the Turtles didn’t come alone…

The crossover is written by two talented creators who couldn’t be better acquainted with these unique franchises — Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham. In addition to writing the ongoingTurtles series at IDW, Waltz has also served as editor for the ongoing Ghostbusters series, written by Burnham ­who, in turn, co-wrote the critically acclaimed series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of The Foot Clan.

“A couple of years ago, Tom Waltz and I chatted like the fans we are about how insanely fun this crossover would be if we ever got the chance to write it,” said series co-writer Erik Burnham. “As I sit here today, my excitement level is at eleven.”

“This is an idea that Erik, series editor Bobby Curnow, and I have bounced off each other for quite a while,” said series co-writer Tom Waltz. “And being as deeply entrenched in both properties as the three of us are gives us a unique perspective on how to bring them together. And what better time to do it than during the combined 30th year anniversary celebration?”

“Both Ghostbusters and Turtles are fun, funny and just a little bit weird,” said Curnow. “So putting the two together is a natural choice, especially when you consider the fact that Tom and Erik have worked on both properties for years. This one should be an absolute blast!”

Long-time Ghostbusters artist Dan Schoening will take on cover and interior art duties. Currently showing off the immensity of his talents in the Ghostbusters arc “Mass Hysteria,” Schoening has proven his ability to give this special mini-series the epic scale it deserves. Issue #1 will sport a variant cover byT-Rex Jones, who has provided covers to both series at IDW.

Also, a side note. If people havent seen it yet, there is a huge crossover storyline that includes Ghostbusters, TMNT, Star Trek, Transformer, GI Joe and others called “Infestation”. And it has to do with zombies…..yeah…. But I haven’t read those yet either though.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #1 arrives in October.

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