In Marvel’s hands, the Daredevil series for Netflix audiences is on an upward spiral. It seems every week there’s news of a pivotal New York City shoot or some well-received casting news. In terms of the latter, it looks a like long-term love interest to series protagonist and ace attorney Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, has been cast today. The lovely Karen Page is set to grace the small screens, educating the uninitiated that our hero actually got to date someone besides Elektra. Karen started out as a secretary at Matt’s law firm. The two started getting hot and heavy and eventually she’d find out about his alternative lifestyle as a Hell’s Kitchen hero. And who is the lucky actress taking on this small but important task? The answer lingers outside the world of superheroes and borders on the supernatural…


Enter True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll. With recent news of Rosario Dawson joining the show, Marvel is sticking to lining its female cast with home-grown New Yorkers in Ms. Woll, a Brooklyn native. To her acting credits, she’s done time on My Name Is Earl, The Mentalist and Law and Order SVU. She really rocketed to success as Bill Compton’s vampire progeny, Jessica, on the HBO television series True Blood. With the vampire romance drama winding down its final season, fans of the “baby vamp” need not shed tears of worry in wondering where to get their sweet ginger fix. Since we’re talking about fixes…

Karen Page’s storylines went from fluffy to intensely hardcore. In one story arc she fell into substance abuse and sold her lover’s secret identity for drugs. For a time, she veered off into the Ghost Rider series as a supporting player. Returning to Daredevil, she acted as his sidekick in taking down a child porn syndicate. YIKES! So we’ve got some meat to work with for her character and not just a bunch of fluff. She’d disappear for years and then come back, but she’s been with Daredevil since the 60’s and I don’t think they’ll run out of things for her character to do on this show. In fact, she’s got what it takes to power some deep subplots until the inevitable Elektra intro. Question is, will Ms Woll go blond? Man, I hope not. Being able to stare at her is the only reason I put up with True Blood’s last two seasons of foolishness, and the red hair is an easy sell.

The 13-episode series also stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Elden Henson and Peter Shinkoda. It is one of FOUR planned projects for Netflix only, to be followed by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, all Marvel heroes who will come together to form The Defenders in a miniseries.

Source: Variety

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