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While the recent news of Thor being replaced by a female Thor caused quite a stir in the comic community, the way it was announced was definitely more odd, as it was Whoopi Goldberg breaking the story on The View rather than any major comic news site. Now, Marvel has set up another seemingly big announcement, but this time on The Colbert Report, which has a bit better link to the comic community. Colbert himself has appeared in a comic, has a replica of Captain America’s shield as set dressing, and has even chatted with Joe Quesada a few times, so the show is a decent pick for an announcement of this kind.

Much to the expectations of many comic fans, the announcement was that of a new Captain America, which makes a ton of sense considering Colbert’s love of the character. Interesting to see is that the new Captain America will be Sam Wilson, Cap’s longtime partner in the comics and a fan favorite after his popular role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wilson was already theorised to be taking over as Captain America after Cap’s rapid aging, his popularity in the movie, and his seeming inclusion on a cover to an upcoming Avengers book.


Falcon was first introduced in Captain America #117 way back in 1969, being the first African-American superhero (but not the first African-American Captain America. That was Isiah Bradley), and has acted in a sidekick/partner role to Captain America, so the two have a very long and storied history and formed arguably one of the best crime fighting duos in comics for a very long time. While much of his history has been as a sidekick, in recent years Falcon has stepped up, becoming a proper member of the Avengers and branching out on his own.

Honestly, this seems a bit obvious. Wilson has been receiving a bigger role since Winter Soldier and it only makes sense to capitalize on his popularity, plus his history with Captain America in the comics makes him a prime candidate. With his new status and popularity, it makes sense for Marvel to make this move. Why not capitalize on this long history and on Falcon’s newfound popularity with moviegoers? It will be interesting to see just how long Wilson remains as Captain America, since Steve Rodgers has a habit of leaving his post before reclaiming the mantle in short order, as he did just two years ago. It’ll also be interesting to see the reaction put forth by the #FireRickRemender Twitter activists and others who took umbrage with the Falcon’s tryst with Jet Black last week.

Before you go off to the Twitter battlefields, though, why don’t you tell us what do you think about Marvel’s choice and what this means for the now aged Steve Rogers?

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