This past week during the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Geoff Johns, the executive producer of the new CW superhero series The Flash said that this series, following the weekly adventures of the Scarlet Speedster, would be the most faithful DC Comics-based TV show yet. Well, it wouldn’t be a faithful Flash series without his colorful rogues gallery, so the latest casting news from the show starts to fill out those ranks very early on the series. So who’s coming to take on The Flash? Let’s just say he’s about to put a freeze on Central City. He’s going to make the citizens chill out, and despite the best efforts of the police, they’re not going to put him in the cooler… Sorry. I’ve got a million of these. 

As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, Flash co-executive producer Greg Berlanti announced that character actor Wentworth Miller has been cast as Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart, who will appear in the fourth episode of the show when it premieres this fall.


In comic book lore, Captain Cold is the leader of Flash’s rogues gallery and co-ordinates crime with them throughout Central City utilizing a strict code of honor (among thieves) that includes no senseless violence or killing women and children. Although through most of his history, he’s just been a regular guy with a gun that turns the air around it into ice, in the New 52 continuity he has ice-related super-powers. No word on which direction that Flash the TV show is going in.

As for the man playing Cold, Wentworth Miller should be a familiar face to genre fans. He lead the cast for four season on Fox’s Prison Break and played Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife and will reprise the role in the upcoming sequel Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

This is the second major piece of Flash casting to come out in the last couple of weeks along with the recent announcement that Tomorrow People star Robbie Amell will play Ronnie Raymond, one half of the hero Firestorm. No word yet on when/if the other Martin Stein will appear, but Berlanti said that there’s a “good chance” viewers will meet him soon, and Stein was actually in the pilot script till the part was cut.

Berlanti also confirmed that John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the CBS series from the 90s, will be playing Barry Allen’s father on the new series, and not Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick as previously speculated. Grant Gustin, of course, will reprise the role of the Fastest Man Alive, which he initiated in a two-part episode of Arrow last fall.

The Flash premieres Tuesdays this October on The CW.

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