The Planet Hulk movie rumor has taken on a life of its own on the Internet. Whedon, Feige, and Ruffalo can’t do an interview without someone asking about the possibilities. You can imagine then, what happened when an alien character species from the Planet Hulk storyline showed up in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy early production stills. You’ve got it. The Internet grabbed hold and ran like the wind with it. Gunn has commented about the subject before, but never with the vehemence of his latest attempt to smash the Planet Hulk movie rumor forever.

When recently asked about Planet Hulk, for about the 156,873rd time, (Trust me, I’ve done the math) Gunn let loose this little rant:

I can answer that question very easily: it is absolute, 100% bullshit. It feels like a great relief to finally say this after all the dumb stuff on the Internet.

There’s not going to be a ‘Planet Hulk’ movie, there was never going to be a ‘Planet Hulk’ movie, there was never a plan for the Hulk to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy – I wouldn’t want the Hulk to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy! And it’s all a bunch of complete bullshit.


For those of you wondering how the whole thing started and how James Gunn got dragged into the ever repeating Planet Hulk Movie questions:

The whole thing is, there’s Sakaraan in the movie. And the reason there’s Sakaraan in the movie is because there aren’t that many alien races in the Marvel Universe, and of those prominent alien races, such as the Kree and the Skrull,” Gunn added, somewhat tantalizingly, “I have some very specific ideas for where those races go.

The reason we picked the Sakaraan is because we don’t own Badoon. In the script it originally said Badoon,” Gunn said. “So you can blame search and replace for changing Badoon to Sakaaran and leading to the whole ‘Planet Hulk’ conspiracy.


That’s it, one scene with a pink alien walking across a bridge leads to a full-scale Planet Hulk movie. We all want to see a Planet Hulk movie, the storyline is fantastic and would make a great movie, but NOT YET. There’s still plenty of set up that needs to happen. I’m sure that in my remaining lifetime we’ll see a Planet Hulk movie, just not in the near future.

Until then, we’ll have to scratch that Planet Hulk itch by re-reading the Planet Hulk trades and enjoying the animated Planet Hulk. Here’s the trailer for that below. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

The follow-up storyline to Planet Hulk was World War Hulk. It would also make a great movie. Here’s a fan made World War Hulk Motion Comic for those who haven’t read it. Hulk returns to Earth, and he’s not happy.

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