Just two days ago we reported that Devin Faraci of Badass Digest was privy to some tantalizing plot and character details regarding the most anticipated film in the history of the medium (seriously, the last time a movie had this big of an impact on western civilization, it was about a man sneezing).

Today, Faraci throws us more such tidbits–particularly a big hint at the role Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones fame appears to be playing.

So far we’ve been lead to believe that John Boyega will be playing the role of an ex-Stormtrooper who joins Daisy Ridley‘s character in a quest to locate Luke Skywalker. Read on to find out who Faraci claims Christie will be portraying:

According to Faraci, Gwendoline Christie will be playing the part of an Imperial Officer, specifically, Boyega’s former superior. Christie’s character will reportedly be chasing Boyega throughout most of the film.

It’s said that this character was genderswapped from the earlier drafts of the script, in which she was male. Many believe that this may be the character Benedict Cumberbatch was considered for in the early days of casting.

By the by, it’s also been whispered that the imposing, 6′ 3″ Christie has been training with a lightsaber 😮

KEEP IN MIND, none of this has been anything close to confirmed by JJ Abrams, the cast, the producers, Disney, or Lucasfilm. Faraci has not named his source (s), and as juicy as all this info may be, there is a VERY real possibility that every bit of it is pure, weapons-grade BS.

On the other hand, Badass Digest is certainly treating Faraci’s word as gospel….And at least it’s not coming from Latino Review.

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