The fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer just hit the Internet featuring the new song Shell Shocked. Music plays a big part in this summer’s blockbuster movies and the TMNT production team looks to be continuing the trend. We’re quickly closing in on the August 8th release date for the reboot and I find myself still on the fence about this latest TMNT incarnation. There are a lot of things that bug me about this reboot, beginning with those noses and lips, and while some of the new stuff, like this trailer, are starting weakening my determination to hate this reboot, I’m still not sure which side of the fence I’ll end up on.

Let’s start with the new music. Earlier today we posted the video of kids today reacting to the original TMNT in Nerdy Bits , showing that the original TMNT music was so catchy and fun that kids couldn’t ignore it. Of course then there was Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice for one of the movies that pretty much sucked balls. So you can imagine my thoughts of dread when I heard there was new TMNT music for the reboot.

I took a listen, because that’s what I do, and I kinda like it. I especially like the tag line Knock Knock, You’re about to get Shell-Shocked. That’s catchy and in the style of the Original song. Composed by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla $ign and produced by Kill The Noise and Madsonik. I like how the song is used in this trailer, it adds to it, not overshadowing the action or standing out like a sore thumb or Turtle Nose.

Take a look and listen for yourself:

There were a few moments there that looked like a whole lot of fun. That elevator scene was classic and I bet we might start seeing Internet Gifs of people doing it. I find it interesting that they put the, “We’re bullet proof!” line in the trailer and didn’t leave that for fans to discover during the film. Makes you wonder what can hurt them?

Here’s the audio track for the full song:

I can see this song doing well with the young folks. Will you be in a theater seat opening weekend, or will you be in the theater next door, watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the fourth time?

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