Funny story. Remember last week when it was announced that Star Trek 3 director Roberto Orci was hired to help shepherd the new Power Rangers movie to the big screen with the assistance of X-Men: First Class screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz? Well, Orci’s now saying that when this new Power Rangers flick arrives on the big screen, it will have a very important ingredient that will lead to universal success: continuity. “It’s got a continuity within the world,” says Orci. “I can’t tell you what, but it does have a continuity.” Which leads everyone who’s ever watched the series to say, “Power Rangers had continuity?”

Apparently. Orci discussed in an interview with IGN some of the behind the scenes discussions regarding the new Power Rangers movie being produced by Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment, the company that brought the series to American TVs 20 years ago. It seems that it was important to the Powers That Be that any new Power Rangers effort be faithful to what’s come before, and Orci was happy to oblige. Here’s what the screenwriter/producer revealed:

“One of the first things we did was learn and read…They have 600 pages of research that they have on their stuff. We read through the synopsis of everything they did and we are actually taking into account quite a bit of the canon in a real way. We’re not just a leave it behind reboot. [Haim] Saban cares very much about that. This is something that he created. I had to go to his house, personally, to tell him, “Listen, I’m your man. Miller and Stenz, these are your guys. I promise you I won’t ruin your franchise.” And he said, “It’s very important to me, because kids around the world know what the Power Rangers are. So you can’t just come in here and walk all over it. It better be consistent with what I’ve been doing.” And I said, “Yes sir!”

Admittedly, if you’re looking for a team that can be faithful to continuity while creating something new, you could do worse than Orci with Miller and Stentz. However, I’m curious as to what kind of continuity they’re protecting here. I remember after the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie came out in the summer of 1995, the series returned that fall as if the movie never happened. In fact, the first few episodes of the season re-introduced the same Zords that were introduced in the movie in an entirely different way. What the hell, my younger self thought.

So it is interesting to wonder exactly what Orci and Saban mean by “continuity.” Does that mean the original Rangers will be involved in some capacity? Will Rita Repulsa and Lord Zed return to plague the Earth with their ineffective Putty Patrol and over the top monsters? Or maybe the new Rangers will be inappropriately paired with their colors according to their race and/or gender.

Kidding aside, it’s nice that Orci is so dedicated to honoring the Power Rangers’ multifaceted history, which probably represents more thought than the collective research put in by the entirety of those who’ve worked on Power Rangers series over the last 20 years. But I digress. What do you Bastards think of this idea of honoring Power Rangers continuity? Sound off below.

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