Is John Boyega Going to Wakanda After Tatooine?


It starts now! Well, not now exactly. But later! San Diego Comic Con launches with preview night tonight, which means the next four days will be non-stop nerd news. Getting an early start on things is British actor John Boyega, whose already won the proverbial acting lottery by getting the lead role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. That’s good enough, but is Boyega now preparing to make a lateral move to another Disney-owned property? Perhaps something with “Black” and “Panther” in the title?

Boyega left these fascinating hints on his Twitter feed yesterday:

Wakanda is a direct reference to Black Panther, it’s the African nation that T’Challa, The Black Panther’s secret identity, is the ruler of. The Black Panther is the symbol and title given to the Chief of the Panther tribe that governs the collective tribes that form Wakanda. Hidden from the outside world out of fear that its chief natural resource, vibranium (the stuff Captain America’s shield is made of), could be exploited, the Black Panther protects Wakanda and its people with the help of his superhuman senses, peak-human physique and genius intellect. He was introduced as an antagonist for the Fantastic Four, but he’s long been association with the Avengers.


So is Boyega pulling our leg, or is he dropping a serious hint? Tough to say. Boyega is a serious talent who’s been on a lot of people’s radar since Attack the Block. If there was an opportunity to Black Panther with him as the title character than Marvel would have to be crazy to hesitate. The time is certainly ripe because Boyega will no doubt be much bigger once Star Wars is released, or even when the hype for Star Wars starts really heating up this time next year.

The more immediate timing also makes sense. As announced last week, we know that those schemers at Marvel Studios have plans through 2019 with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man next summer, Captain America and an unnamed film coming out in 2016, three films in 2017, two in 2018 and one (so far) for 2019. Might that other 2016 slot be going to Black Panther? A lot of people are expecting the announcement of who’s playing the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange at SDCC, but might that be upstaged with the revelation of Boyega as the ruler of Wakanda? We will find out Saturday during the Marvel Studios presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2014!

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