Welcome to a very special edition of Nerdy Bits. Normally, this daily feature is a collection of various nerdy goodies from around the web – cool stuff that has slipped through the cracks or aren’t quite substantial enough on their own. Since the nerd world is transfixed on San Diego Comic Con this week (Brace yourself, it’s all you’ll be hearing about for the next few days), we thought it befitting to allocate this column to all the swag and other neat con items that might otherwise be overlooked. Nerdy Bits will return as usual next Monday. Until then, enjoy this Nerdy Bits – Comic Con Edition, with more to follow.

ABOVE: Hot Toys Back to the Future 1/6th scale figure is coming. It’s about time (no pun intended) BTTF is getting the upscale figure treatment. It was its density, er I mean, destiny. In any case, your wallet is sure to say “Whoa Doc, this is heavy”. [Hot Toys]


LEGO Star Wars Rebels droid. LEGO sculptures like these are destined to be broken into pieces. It’s their lot in life. [ComingSoon]


If you attend SDCC you will be given an exclusive canvas bag to horde all your goods. What do you do with it afterwards? Well, if you’re a crafty son-b*tch you stitch that sh*t up and make a bad-ass nerd jacket out of it. Add a lightsaber for dramatic effect.  [Crazy4ComicCon]


Akrham Knight motorcycle suit from UD Replicas will make it’s debut at SDCC. Now, provided you have enough start-up capita training and adequate training, you can be one step closer to actually be Batman.  [UD Replicas]


If you’re lucky enough to be at Comic Con you’ll have to stop by these exclusive Game of Thrones, Goonies and Nightmare Before Christmas figures from Funko. On a side note: Does DC get any money from the Superman logo on Sloth’s shirt? [ToplessRobot]


Walking Dead cooking aprons, for when you’ve got “things” and “stuff” in the kitchen. [ThinkGeek]


Mattel has previewed a few upcoming additions to their Masters of The Universe Classics line. Princess of Power Sweet Bee, Masters of the Universe Eldor, Man-at-Arms with Battle Ram, and Giant He-Man and Skeletor. As a He-Man collector myself, I don’t know how I’m gonna pay my rent this fall. [MattyCollector]


Mattel has also previewed a replica 1960’s Batman cowl, which will be available for sale this fall. No naked Batusi party is complete without it. [MattyCollector]

In partnership with Paramount Pictures, fans will get the chance to fire Cheesy Bites pizzas at Shredder and meet the creators of the 12-foot Pizza Tank Thrower inside the Comic-Con Interactive Zone. Dude, what a time to be alive! [PizzaHut]

Nathan Fillion discussing his fandom and Comic-Con experiences. It also shows him all decked out as Captain Kirk. That rapscallion. Love this guy, but uh, did he gain weight? If he doesn’t watch out he’ll be Captain Tightpants… literally. [THR]

Chris Hardwick dressed up as Marty McFly, and he also discusses his Comic-Con experiences in the past. [THR]

Don’t forget the ever-popular official Nerd Bastards tee available at Red Bubble:


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