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It may still be almost a year away, but if you’re like me then every little look at the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road is a precious treasure. The folks in marketing have been feeding us at a steady rate thus far and with the arrival of San Diego Comic Con it was only natural that they would offer a little more. Scroll on to see the official Fury Road Comic Con poster as well as some pictures.

First up, the pictures. You may notice that these pics are nothing new, having circulated across the Internet some time ago. What is new is the hi-rez treatment they’ve been given. Give them a click to see Fury Road in all its glory.

fury road - gun

fury road - group

fury road - theron

fury road - Max

Next up, the brand new poster, this one sporting a catchphrase reminiscent of something out of the Fallout franchise. Appropriately meta, one would think.

fury road - poster

And there’s still more to come. Mad Max: Fury Road has a panel in the almighty Hall H on Saturday morning. Those attending the panel might even be privy to a viewing of some footage from the flick. Whether that means a full clip or just a crappy promotional teaser, however, remains to be seen. Rest assured, when Nerd Bastards finds out what they saw, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Until then, keep yourself happy with the above images and the knowledge that Fury Road is indeed going to be released in the foreseeable future. Unless some other random disaster strikes, that is…

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Source: Warner Bros. (via screenrant)

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