Battle of the five armies

With just a few hours before San Diego Comic-Con officially starts, the goods are starting to pour in. Expect the posters, pics and news onslaught to begin in…oh, just about now.

The first juicy poster we’ve gotten from SDCC is from Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five ArmiesThe conclusion of the Hobbit trilogy, the film brings it all together and, according to this SDCC exclusive poster, is the “defining” chapter in the series. Saving the best for last, Mr. Jackson?

Take a look at the epic poster in all its fire-breathing glory.

The Hobbit

The one sheet shows us Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) about to lay waste to Bard (Luke Evans). For a man about to be burnt to a crisp, Bard sure looks confident. I guess fighting dragons isn’t that big of a deal when you live in Middle-earth.  That’s some gorgeous imagery and Comic-Con attendees are sure to swipe it up.

The tagline up tops states that this final film will be “The Defining Chapter”. I’m sure many are hoping that’s true, after a lackluster response for both An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug. Hobbit and LOTR fans are dying for Jackson to end this trilogy on a high note, something remarkable, dramatic and filled with real character, like the LOTR films that these have always been compared to. For his part, Jackson seems super excited about this finale. In fact, he’ll be at Comic-Con this weekend to debut footage and talk about this long, life-changing gig.

Will The Battle Of The Five Armies really be the defining chapter of this series? Or will it be a fizzling finale rather than en explosive conclusion? And what’s next for Jackson now that his nearly two-decade long trip to Middle-earth has concluded? We’ll be finding out more about the The Hobbit on Saturday, when Warner Bros takes over Hall H and tries to knock our socks off.

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Source: Jackson’s Facebook

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