Is A New ‘Heavy Metal’ Cartoon Film Coming?


Heavy Metal is a science fiction magazine with an amazing propensity for depicting covers with warrior women in sexy situations. If reading about ultra-violent fantasy and nakedness isn’t your thing, maybe get in that long line over there for the 1981 movie of the same name. Produced by Ivan Reitman and H.M. mag publisher Leonard Mogel, the animated flick was a cult hit and sported a head-banging soundtrack. It was an anthology adaptation of its newsstand roots. Years later, we saw Heavy Metal 2000, which didn’t perform well and wasn’t based on any stories from the zine. Fast-forward to 2011 and enter Robert Rodriguez. He bought the rights to the movie franchise and put Quick Draw Studios on the job. But the question is, will it show on TV or in movie theaters? Does the awesome new poster featured on the next page clue us in?

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It’s planet-hopping through a separated robot head to infinity! An android god with access to interstellar explorations, where possibilities only get more endless! What can we take from this image? Anyone? Anyone? Spaceman on a cosmic mission to nowhere – and everywhere! Detaching itself from this day and age’s passe’ shock value of wall-to-wall boobs, this poster goes full sci-fi and punches us in the face with Metropolis style. But, what does it tell us? There’s no direct information on this, but I’ve been reading that a ComicCon announcement is expected soon. Variety reported a new movie in the works but Rodriguez has his own TV network in El Rey, and never ruled out another Heavy Metal cartoon appearing on the small screen.

Ok, El Rey or no El Rey, the poster is apparently being billed as a promotion for a new movie. There’s been major promotion for the Heavy Metal brand lately, either talking about new movies (possibly 2-3) or dropping it like it’s hot on TV screens. We’re even seeing toys of characters from the first movie. They were designed by Retroband (who just sold out of their C.H.U.D. figures at $80 a pop) and planned as part of an art installation. No word on whether they’ll actually become available to consumers any time soon.


When did Heavy Metal become relevant again? Sure, the magazine is cool if you’re into that sort of stuff, and I keep a sweet spot in my heart for the first movie. But aren’t there other, more interesting properties to rock out with these days? The second movie didn’t even use stories from the magazine, so how were fans supposed to vibe with those characters? I don’t see one hot girl in that top poster, so I’m wondering if this new project is also ditching the source material. Won’t mean anything to non-readers, but I think we’re talking about a niche market here. What do you guys think? Are you excited about this news? What do you make of it?

Source – Variety

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