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The folks in charge of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been pretty stingy when it comes to letting us see what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ve been teased with a picture of Ben Affleck, all dressed up in his Batman costume and standing next to the newest incarnation of the Batmobile, but other than that photos have been scarce. Well, nothing much has changed, but we do have a few pics coming out of San Diego Comic Con showing off the batsuit once more. Scroll down to check them out.

batsuit full

batsuit close up

Okay, so maybe it’s more of a cape and cowl, minus the actual suit. But being as how they brought some Bat-props to SDCC, maybe they’ll be generous enough to show us a little more? The rumors have been flying as to what we can expect from their Saturday Hall H panel, though nothing has been confirmed. Some speculate the cast and crew will be showing up to talk about the film while others have even gone so far as to claim that footage from Dawn of Justice will make its way to the Con.

Rest assured, when the Nerd Bastards crew learns what’s going down in Hall H at 10am on Saturday in San Diego, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned for all the informational goodness.


Hidden in the Batman 75th Anniversary Montage Wall is the latest look at Ben Affleck‘s Batman pictured below. Zack Snyder decided he wanted in on the action too and twitted a picture the Jedi Man of Steel.


OH that chin, that wonderful stubby haired chin! Minions could break their knuckles on that strong chin!


The Force is strong in this one, very strong.

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