SDCC14: Preview Night in Pictures


San Diego Comic-Con has descended on the Gaslamp District of this bustling West Coast town like an invasion. It may have only been Preview Night – the official kickoff of Comic-Con – but still the crowds were large and unruly. Yet, through it all our embedded reporters managed to grab a look at the sights on the show floor.

ABOVE: A great find at the Hot Wheels booth was Darth Vader’s infamous helmet morphed into the sweetest ride a Sith could ever want.

walking dead terminus

AMC’s The Walking Dead has pulled out all the stops in bringing Terminus to SDCC, and this includes a gruesome – and interactive, if you’re brave enough to get close to those walkers – booth on the main floor.



Being that this year is Batman’s 75th anniversary, the Dark Knight has a HUGE presence at the convention. Which means Batman memorabilia out the wazoo! Check out batsuits, capes, and cowls below in the gallery. And make sure to check out our closer look at Batfleck’s cape and cowl, too.

And what’s Preview Night without all those amazing exclusives you can’t wait to pay three times the price for on eBay, right?

Star Wars: The Black Series; Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars: The Black Series; Jabba the Hutt

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Transformers; Knights of Unicron

Transformers; Knights of Unicron

Check out all our photos from the show floor on Preview Night, and stay tuned to Nerd Bastards all week for more SDCC coverage!

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