The SDCC14 The Walking Dead panel is currently happening and AMC has joined in by posting the new season five SDCC trailer just shown at the panel. Holy crap this season looks to be action packed, with lots of twists and turns! There’s still a couple of months to go until the October 12th premiere of AMC and Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead Season Five.


I know you’re not going to really read anything I write here so just skip to the trailer if you haven’t already. We’ll talk about it after.

Wow, lots to talk about there. What did you think? Does this trailer deliver what you were expecting? I certainly wasn’t expecting the group to talk its way out of being eaten. I bet our favorite mullet wearing scientist Eugene Porter lays it all out for the folks in charge of Terminus. That man seems to have the talent and can talk anyone into doing what he wants.

We see Rick reunited with his daughter Judith, and some of the group talking about never splitting up again. The group has weapons, probably given to them by the group at Terminus. This certainly looks like a crazy season.

What part of this trailer surprised you the most?

Via: AMC

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