Celebrities don’t always walk the San Diego Comic Con convention floor (for obvious reasons), but when they do, they do so incognito. Trotting around the exhibit floor in disguise, passing unsuspicious fans, some of which even ask to take a photo and being none the wiser. Can you imagine taking some goofy thumbs-up photo with what you thought was a fan like you in cosplay, only to find out later you stood mere inches from greatness. Missing the chance to engage and inquire with a celebrity whose work you’ve loved and been inspired by? Blasted! Either way you’re certainly left with a story to tell.

For SDCC 2014, we reveal Comic Con’s biggest celebrities who dared to dance amongst fans cunningly disguised by a mask.

The “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson donned a jester costume to go incognito at the San Diego pop culture convention, and posted photos of his costume to his Facebook page Saturday.

“I had a fun day at Comic Con walking among you all,” he wrote. “Did anyone see the Evil Jester? Some of you did because you asked him to pose for pics! Cheers, Peter J.”



That guy in the Spider-Man suit you posed with at Comic-Con? It might have actually been Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe donned a Spidey mask to covertly mingle with fans on the showroom floor at the pop-culture convention.

“I did an American accent for the whole time. I even took a rucksack, so I look like I’m just coming to Comic-Con. I had a whole look. But it was great … I took lots of pictures with people who did not know that it was me.”

Spider-Man is apparently the go-to costume for masquerading celebrities, as Game of Throne‘s actress Maisie Willaims (Arya Stark) blended in with crowed as everyone’s favorite web- head. She was more than willing to show off her disguises (at one point she ditched her Spidey mask to become the least menacing Guy Fawkes ever) on her always entertaining Instagram account.

Jack Black donned a Stromtrooper helmet to walk the floor and he might have gotten away with it if he hadn’t stopped at every booth to buy something and taken it off to look closer at the tables. I kinda think he wanted everyone to know he was under there. He talked about it with MTV later that day.

Mythbusters Adam Savage is well-known for walking convention floors in fantastic costumes.

Ever year, Adam Savage walks the floor of Comic-Con incognito, hidden in plain view wearing one of his elaborate cosplay costumes. This year, Adam debuts a costume he has been working on for almost a decade: the space suit from Ridley Scott’s Alien!

“I just walked the floor in my Alien spacesuit from Ridley Scott’s movie and it was the hottest and most balmy experience of my life — I think I lost three pounds just walking for 30 minutes,” Savage told Yahoo TV.

What’s the one thing that ties these actors together? They are all really just famous nerds who love the same nerdy things we all do. There’s sure to be more A-listers dressing up as secret superheroes and hitting the Comic-Con floor before the weekend is over! Stay tuned for more as they are revealed!


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