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There was so much information pouring out of SDCC14 this year that it was hard to keep up with even the big announcements let alone all the smaller sometimes much cooler things that people who attended the convention saw. In the next couple of days we’ll be picking up the pieces and bringing you some of those items that might have flown below your SDCC14 radar. First up is all those Marvel-ous props from Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The first prop brought to the convention floor was Loki’s staff. Which many fans believe contains the Mind Stone. The mind stone is blue and:

Allows the user to greatly strengthen and enhance mental and psionic power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously. When searching for it, the Illuminati apparently discovered that the Mind Gem was the manifestion of the universal subconscious.

Sounds a lot like what Loki did to Hawkeye in the first Avengers movie doesn’t it?


The staff is in some kind of security holder, but with the breakup of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, do the good guys still have possession of the staff?

Next up is the Mark One version of Ultron. He looks to be in pretty bad shape, most likely this is what’s left after the Avengers quickly smash the heck out of him when he makes his big announcement:

The exercise is interrupted by the appearance of Ultron, in a broken down, almost skeletal form with silver armor plating haphazardly forming his upper hunched torso. He proclaims, “There’s only one path to peace: your extinction.” The heroes all stand up facing him and Thor picks up his hammer.


Don’t worry though, the movie won’t be over with that scene. Ultron is sure to escape to build a better body and that army of androids from the banner picture above.

Another big prop is the Hulkbuster armor hand pictured below. That’s the suit Tony Stark creates just in case he has to go toe to toe with an angry Hulk. Which we now know will happen in the movie.


This is what the whole suit might look like:


The big reveal for me was this picture of Cap’s broken shield. Ultron, the biggest and baddest version is most likely covered or made up of Adamantium, the same substance that Wolverine’s claws and Captain America’s shield are made of. Looks like Ultron cracks Caps’ shield.


Many fans quickly pointed out that the only place to get Vibranium, which is then made into Adamantium, is Wakanda. The homeland of the Black Panther. Could one of the post credits scenes be Cap taking a trip to Wakanda?

One big prop that didn’t make its way to SDCC14, but still made its presence known was the Infinity Gauntlet. Josh Brolin walked on stage wearing one of the toy versions of the Gauntlet to a roar from the crowd.


This is the movie version we saw in Thor, and it should be a lot more like this when Thanos shows up in the Next Avengers movie. Although it might just be CGI at that point.


Well’ that’s it. All the Avengers: Age of Ultron Props that made their way to SDCC14 this year. There’s still more Avengers goodies to make their way to the Internet. I believe that the Black Widow will have new wrist shooters, and Hawkeye will have a new bow. All the Avengers will have some form of new costume, so there’s still a ton of things to be revealed.

Check back and we’ll bring them all to you as soon as we get our sweaty little hands on them.

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