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ABOVE: Burbank’s Not a Burger Stand doesn’t just offer promo codes or coupons, you have to do a little song and dance(dance monkey, dance!) to get your food price cheapened.  They put out spiffy chalk signs that offer discounts in exchange for performing impressions or wearing costumes. [That’sNerdalicious]


Homemade Darth Vader wood burning stove. Now you feel the power heat of the darkside. Can you imagine going into your basement late at night and seeing this aflame Dark Lord of the Sith? That’d be a horror show for sure.  [Geekologie]


AT-ST Walker cat house. This cat is prepared to fight those dogs people dress up as Ewoks. [GAS]


Cosplayer Julianna Maznevsky getting cute in front of bible thumpers.  [FashionableGeek]


Wonder Woman “They Live” cosplay is here to read comics and kick-ass, and she’s all done reading comics.   [Bizarro Au Go-Go]

Marvel and Disney have released new behind-the-scenes footage for Guardians of the Galaxy! The new b-roll footage highlights Vin Diesel and the voice work he did for Groot. Not only did he provide the voice of Groot in English, he also dubbed his lines from the film in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, French and Russian. I really don’t think the stilts were necessary. I mean, I digg the passion and I appreciate the effort. But c’mon. [Dorkly]

Forget going to panels, San Diego Comic Con is all about the sweet looking cosplays. Check out this cosplay music video. Cosplay not your thing? OK, well, at least you have a spiffy song to tap your toes to.   [Aggressive Comix]

That Comic Con Cosplay video, I like it. ANOTHER!  [SneakyZebra]

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