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ABOVE: This is truth behind Thomas the Tank Engine as imagined by illustrator Yui Abe.Uh, I wonder where they shovel the coal? [Geekologie]


Springfield from The Simpson, rebuilt as a LEGO town. At first I was like “Simpsons should do a LEGO episode”. Then I realized “Simpsons did it”. Season 25 episode 20, titled “Brick like Me”. [Kotaku]


Big Chief Studios, known for high-end, limited edition runs of Doctor Who and Sherlock figures, are offering a another Doctor Who figure – this time, acknowledging that fezzes are cool. [ToplessRobot]


Lighsaber keychain flashlight. A civiliaged r a civilized age. [ThinkGeek]


Evolution of the TMNT. 95-97 was a weird time. Oh, and that musical? Undervalued piece of symphonic history, that one is. [HalloweenCostumes]

A look back at the first 10 Marvel movies in this goose bump inducing sizzle reel. While everyone else is cheering, I’m stuck wondering if the song used in this is from the soundtrack for National Treasure? I am almost positive its the exact same one. [Marvel Entertainment]

If Harry Potter was directed by Edgar Wright. Everything is better Scott Pilgrim style. Can imagine Schindler’s List? [The Unusual Suspect]

In Hobro, Denmark, the Osterskov Efterskole school is teaching kids by LARPING out their curriculum. So when teacher presents a math problem to the class, do the students shout out “Lighting bolt, lighting bolt!”?  [CosmicJokeUK]


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