Charlie Cox might be best known as Tristan Thorne from a few years back in the movie ‘Stardust.’Though I’ve never seen it, I also understand the he’s done a few seasons of ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ Google pics of him carousing around Hollywood with long hair and a goofy grin don’t really put me in the mind of Matt Murdock, and I’ve seen lots of comments on various sites that don’t like Marvel choosing him for the role. I don’t know much about the guy, but I’m still on board with the upcoming NetflixDaredevil’ series because of all the reasons. But I still depend on photos like these to help me feel comfortable with this actor playing one of my comic book faves. I’m still thinking about it. How about you? Wanna see this guy with a cane, wearing dark shades?

Ah, you made it. Well since we kind of had a deal, here are your photos.





Fun fact – his pants cuffs are tailored perfectly.

Lawyer by day, hero by night…this is that guy. And there’s no mystery here either. We’ve been given all of it – this is your Matt Murdock. So, now that that’s over, let’s see what’s going on with the man in tights! Daredevil pics please! I’m very curious how superhero-y he’s been designed.

How about that long shot with the jib? Is it putting you in the mindset of the 1970’s feel we’ve been hearing about? Not me; looks like the same New York City I left behind last fall. I might have picked up a “gritty” feel from that video from their shoot a few weeks back. But since it was shot in Harlem instead of Hell’s Kitchen, I may have just been looking at one of the least well-serviced areas of that neighborhood. Savvy move on the part of the location scout, but when I see that show, I’m going to be wanting freakin’ Hell’s Kitchen! I hung out there so much (looking for Daredevil/shut up/go judge yourself) that I’ll know the difference, and I hope they won’t try pulling that kind of fast one on us. But they will, yes.

Last shot looks like Matt’s had some hell to pay. I think the scar on his eye and forlorn visage say it all. And considering the suit and tie, I’d say he went to work with every minute of that 7 o’clock shadow. Did he lose a fight last night, or do we need to see the other guy before making assumptions? Either way, he told Gillette to kiss his ass. I bet that’s normal for him too. Reminds me of that scene in the bad DD movie when Ben Affleck sat in his dismal home, nursing ugly wounds. I’m sure we’ll see stuff like that. I mean, that’s the life this dude chose for himself, huh?


Vincent D’Onofrio will play the Kingpin, Elden Henson co-stars, Rosario Dawson takes on a mystery role and True Blood‘s Deborah Ann Woll is Karen Page. What do you bastards think about this? Geared up for 2015?

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