Sick of Guardians of the Galaxy yet? I thought not. So here are some more stories making the news about Marvel Studios‘ latest film. First of all, the movie did even better than expected over the weekend at the box office, and it seems set to not just be one of the biggest films of the summer, but one of the biggest films of the year. Next, we all know that film nerds like to rank and file things, so we consider where Guardians of Galaxy has initially been placed on one of the internet’s most prestigious ongoing lists. And if you’ve already seen Guardians then you know one particular celebrity gets name dropped as a gag throughout the film. What are his thoughts on his renewed, and interstellar, notoriety? Read on…

First, let’s talk money, because Guardians made a lot of it. As reported by Comic Book Movie, the movie collected a record $94.3 million in three days of business, allowing for Guardians to have the third biggest opening of the year behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Transformers: Age of Extinction, and now holds the record for the biggest August opening ever earning $25 million more than 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum. In addition, Guardians made an additional $66.4 million overseas, for a combined haul of nearly $161 million worldwide in just four days. Observers are noting that with this momentum, strong word of mouth and the upcoming lack of competition at local theaters may mean that Guardians looks good to surpass Winter Soldier as the year’s biggest film domestically.

If money in the bank isn’t enough for you, about your place on the IMDb Top 250 films list. Geek Tyrant discovered that after four days of release, Guardians of the Galaxy already sits at #34 on the prestigious list voted upon by IMDb users, which is well 150 spots above the next highest ranked Marvel Studios film, The Avengers, which sits #185. Other comic book movies on the list include The Dark Knight (#4), The Dark Knight Rises (#51), Batman Begins (#104), X-Men: Days of Future Past (#111), and V for Vendetta (#145). Although the Guardians’ early placement is indeed impressive, their place on the list will likely come down a few places as less excitable people see the movie and register their more even-handed opinion on the site.

But the opinion of fans regarding Guardians is now a matter of fact, the real question is, what does Kevin Bacon think? The Footloose star is the inspiration for Peter Quill in his efforts to make the galaxy safe for music and dancing, just as Bacon’s Ren McCormack did for his small-time and small-minded Midwestern town. Guardians director James Gunn and Bacon are acquainted of course, the actor played the villain Jacques in Gunn’s last film Super, but what did Bacon think of becoming yhr patron saint of the Guardians? Bleeding Cool had the three degrees of Kevin Bacon Guardians appreciation.

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently in theaters everywhere.

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